Nucleon crane Shipyard 40t Jib Portal Crane

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Portal Crane, Portal Crane,Single Jib Port crane,shipyard crane
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Product Description:

The Shipyard 40t Jib Portal Crane is composed of frame, lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing machanism,t raveling mechanism, spreader device (grab, container spreader, hook as your actual demand), electrical equipment and other aiding devices as safety. The applied rigid rack and screw lever luffing mechanism make sure a constant working state. Steel structure include jib and A-frame, slew platform and gantry frame. Single jib 40ton grab bucket four link portal crane is extensively applied to dock's bulk cargo (coal, ore and so on) and other cargo ship (lorry) loading and unloading as well as slipway repair.

Shipyard 40t Jib Portal Crane  has four legs that build four holes and mainly traveling alongside the track on the floor and constructions to do the load and unload work, some parts of the traveling track is on the ground, the other parts is on the constructions upon the grounds.

 Design and manufacture:

Shipyard 40t Jib Portal Crane Benefits & Features

Shipyard 40t Jib Portal Crane technical features:

1. Quickened the turnover& the operation of loading and unloading.

2. High working efficiency, compact frame,

3. Calm movement, comfortable operation, safety and reliable.

4. Convenience maintenance, nice appearance and so on

5. Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation

6. Especially suitable for the port lifting.

7. Designed according to your request.

Working environment:

♦ The working environment temperature ranges -20°C~+45°C.

♦ The relative humidity is no higher than 95% (with dew).

♦ In-service, the wind speed should be no higher than 20m/s; and out offer service, the wind speed should be (35~42) m/s, and the parameters requirement can also be fixed according to customers.

♦ The installation of the crane rail should accord with requirement of JT5022.

♦ The crane which has the special requirement for working conditions, can be manufactured following the contract.

Grab bucket four link portal crane application

According to the application it divided into 3 types:

(1)Loading and unloading four link portal crane;

(2)Shipbuilding four link portal crane;

(3)Construction installation four link portal crane;

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