Nucleon Professional Portal Crane Manufacturer

Portal Crane
Seaport, vessel plant, dockyard
Model Number:
Main Electrical Parts:
Siemens, Schneider
Arm length:
Single jib portal crane span and base:
Portal crane Lifting speed:
1.8m/min ~56m/min
Single jib portal crane Luffing speed:
15m/min ~48m/min
Single jib portal crane slewing speed:
Max Wheel Load:
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Product Description of Nucleon Professional Portal Crane Manufacturer

Single jib portal Crane generally includes the following units: crane strong steel frame, lift mechanism, slew mechanism, crane travel mechanism, spreader device (grab, container spreader, magnet and hook as your actual demand on crane), electrical equipment and other accessory equipments for safety.

Steel structure include jib and A-frame, slew platform and gantry frame. Single jib portal crane is extensively applied to dock's bulk cargo (coal, ore and so on) and other cargo ship (lorry) loading and unloading as well as slipway repair. 

Single jib portal crane referenced standards; GB17495-1998 Harbor portal crane technical specification, JT400-1999 harbor portal crane safety specification, GB3811-2008 crane design standards, GB6067-85 crane safety specification, ISO standards, FEM standards and JIS standards. 

Single jib portal crane is a kind of hoisting machine especially used in port, with small investment and swiftnessbenefit for loading and unloading front apron container, sundries and bulk cargo. 

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