Yacht Shipyard Crane Equipments Solutions

Pubdate: 2017-09-07 15:38:03
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Mobile Boat Hoist

    Mobile boat hoist is widely used at Shipyards for ships, yachts, vessels and boats handling and repair & maintenance use. Nucleon supplies mobile boat hoist with capacities from 32t to 1000t.

Bridge & gantry cranes

    Nucleon supplies block handling Cranes of overhead, semi-gantry and gantry design. These cranes are built for reliability and accuracy, and designed to fit into your yacht building use.

About Nucleon Crane

   Nucleon Crane, together with our group companies, are the largest industrial overhead & gantry crane manufacturer in China, the only manufacturer and exporter of mobile boat hoist in China, and also the leading manufacturer of other special crane equipments in China.