To know the quenching crane quickly

Pubdate: 2017-09-29 09:38:03
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    With the substantial growth of domestic steel output, it brings new opportunities for the development of machinery processing industry. An unpopular Crane - quenching crane began to in demand. Many manufacturers have seen this opportunity and have joined in the production of quenching crane. So what is quenching crane? 

    Quenching cranes are used in the metal heat treatment vertical quenching process of special lifting machinery and used for large parts or slender parts quickly immersed in quenching liquid. The structure of the quenching crane is mainly composed of box type frame, crane, cart operation mechanism, driver room and electrical control system. The quenching crane is mainly used for the quenching process of the cooling medium for brine, water and mineral oil. According to the quenching process requirements, hot work pieces need to be quickly immersed in the quenching pool, which can prevent oil from burning on the oil surface during oil quenching. Its most notable feature is the lifting mechanism has a rapid decline in the link, requiring rapid decline and accurate positioning brake. Quenching crane’s lifting and descending generally use different speeds. The descending speed is usually twice the speed of lifting which can ensure that the hot parts can be quickly immersed in the quenching pool and the upper and lower parts of the work piece quenched and tempered uniform.