The problems that the three major components of crane should be pay attention to

Pubdate: 2017-11-16 11:15:27
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The three components of the Crane are the hook, wire rope and brake. When problems occur, these three components can easily cause accidents.

The common problem of the hook is that the wire rope is decoupled, which means that when the object is not tied, or the hook is touched in the hanging, the wire rope will be pulled out from the hook when the weight is placed on the bottom. In addition, because the lifting hook is made of gray cast iron or cast steel material, it is liable to be damaged. Therefore, in the process of lifting, if the site is narrow or the operation is wrong, the pulley will be damaged by the collision. Once the pulley is damaged, the rim of the wheel can cause the cutting of the wire rope, or even cutting off the wire rope and cause an accident. If the lifting hook pulley is not refuel in time, it can cause the bottom to wear badly because the pulley cannot rotate freely, and the pulley cracking will cause an accident in operation. Worse still, when the bottom of the slot increases, the wire rope will be embedded in depth, and increase friction resistance, this will lead to the acceleration of scrap.

The common problems of wire rope are caused by human factors. For example, during operation, it is often rubbed and touched and causes the outer part of the wire rope to be broken and deformed. When operating the drum, the wire rope is winding in the drum. The hook is often turned around in the air and the wire rope will kink. The long - term oil shortage of the steel wire has corroded its surface. The steel wire rope is often subjected to high temperature burning and the steel wire rope touching the high voltage line and was burned is also the cause of the accident.

Common problems of brake are: the main spring is damaged or the control value is loose, or the brake torque is insufficient. The brake shoe is over worn and exposed the cap, causing the friction force to be insufficient and the brake can't hold the weight. Brake lever lock nut loosens, lever moves, or the lever system joints are stuck, etc can affect the band-type brake. The brake shoe opening is not normal, some brake opens, side brake shoe clearance up to 2 to 3 mm, but on the other side it is also put on the brake wheel, make the brake shoe and brake wheel wear faster, and when overloading it cannot brakes. Besides, it also is bad if the brake is too tight, because when the opening gap of brake is smaller than normal, the rotational resistance of brake wheel will increase, and one often can smell burn skin, when friction causes thermal expansion, it cannot stop the car and can causes an accident.