The New Product-Wind Power Maintenance Crane of Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd Running Successfully

Pubdate: 2017-09-07 14:40:48
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   Recently, wind power maintenance Crane researched and developed by Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd has run successfully in the east plant, which will completely change the traditional approach to maintaining wind turbine through large-tonnage crawler crane, greatly reducing wind turbine maintenance costs and promoting the development of wind-power sector.

    In recent years, with the global warming, the new energy industry has developed rapidly, especially wind power and green energy. By the end of 2014, China's total installed capacity of wind power accounted for 31.01% of the global installed capacity, ranking the highest position of global wind power installed capacity. With the arrival of the late wind power maintenance cycle, the entire wind power industry has attaches great importance to wind power equipment maintenance. At present, the maintenance of wind power equipment mainly use the method of the overall lifting maintenance through large-scale crawler crane, but maintenance cycle of this method is long and it costs high. To solve this important factor restricting the development of wind power industry, engineers of Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd has conducted research into wind power manufacturing enterprises both at home and aboard , compared wind power maintenance industry status between China and foreign countries, and organized the backbone of the design sectors to research and discuss it using Triz innovation theory. Then they work out a design program to conduct a discussion in detail, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of their products as well as the existence security risks in the process of using, and ultimately determine the R & D program to conduct trial production of the prototype. What’s more, the trial production has run successfully recently.

    Wind Power Maintenance Crane of Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd is mainly composed of four parts: Adaptive non-invasive clamping climbing system, high winch folding hoisting system, hydraulic system and electrical control system. The adaptive non-invasive climbing system is in contact with the wind power tower through high-molecular-weight arms of four groups, which increases the friction between each other and minimizes the damage of the tower. High-molecular-weight arms of four groups divided into two parts to achieve the whole process of climbing through the telescopic cylinder.  High winch folding hoisting system is mainly composed of hoisting machine, rotary mechanism, telescopic range device, etc, which can achieve the vertical and horizontal movement of items. At the same time, Rotary mechanism and telescopic device also make the crane easy to transport in the realization of all-round work. The use of two sets of proportional control of the hydraulic system not only improves the safety of the entire hydraulic system, but also reduces the equipment energy consumption and security risks to provide protection for the steady working of entire equipment. At present, the product has been declared four national utility model patents and one national invention patent.

    The promotion and application of Wind Power Maintenance Crane will significantly shorten the maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs, subvert the traditional way of wind power maintenance and have a considerable positive effect on the global wind power industry.