Regular maintenance of lifting machinery

Pubdate: 2017-12-01 17:05:30
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The lifting machinery should be inspected and maintained regularly, and there should be a regular inspection management system which includes daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection. A dynamic monitoring of the Crane is needed to ensure the safe operation of lifting machinery.

(1) Daily inspection.

The driver is responsible for the routine maintenance of the crane, which include the cleaning, lubrication transmission parts, adjustment and tightening work. Test the sensitive and reliability of safety device by running it to see if there is abnormal sound.

(2) Weekly inspection.

This should be carried out by the maintenance workers and the drivers. In addition to the daily inspection items, the main works are visual inspection, inspection of hooks, picking devices, wire rope and other safety conditions, the sensitivity and reliability of brake, clutch, emergency alarm device, and to see if there is abnormal sound or overheating through operation.

(3) Monthly inspection.

This should be carried out by the equipment safety management department and the relevant personnel, in addition to the contents of weekly inspection, the power system, hoisting mechanism, rotary mechanism, operating agencies, hydraulic system should be inspected. Change deformation, crack, and corrosion parts, inspect electrical control system, check the feeder, controller, overload protection and safety protection device. To check the leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other causes of fault symptoms of lifting machinery through the test run. Conduct subjective detection to understand the technology status of crane and check the fault source of the abnormal phenomenon.

(4) Annual inspection.

This should be carried out by equipment safety management department with the relevant departments and organized by unit leadership, in addition to the monthly inspection, the technical parameters and reliability testing for main lifting machinery is needed, and evaluates the technical situation of the lifting equipment. Arrange repair, renovation, update plan.