Nucleon Held The Regional Proxy Signing Ceremony 2017 In Lijiang

Pubdate: 2017-09-07 14:10:28
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    Discuss the plan and the strategy with more than 40 agents, Nucleon held the regional proxy policy promotion meeting and the signing ceremony in Guanfang Hotel Lijiang, Yunnan on Jun 15th, the company chairman Long Hongxin, general manager Liu Feng and other leaders of Nucleon attended.

Nucleon held the regional proxy signing ceremony2017 in Lijiang

    Long Hongxin, the chairman of Nucleon, first welcomed the agents form different regions to come to Lijiang, Yunnan to attend the regional agency signing ceremony 2017 on the behalf of the whole company.

Chairman Long Hongxin speaking in the meeting

    Long Hongxin said, beneath the poor overall market and the weak economic growth environment resent years, Nucleon is still maintained a good momentum of development, which benefited from always walking in the road of seek changes. He pointed out that during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, Nucleon will achieve the change from the general lifting products to the professional sub-industry Crane products gradually, make the transaction from single crane product manufacturer to the integration solution provider come true. And this regional agency signing ceremony is marked as the major change of Nucleon in the sales model, which will standardize the market competition situation, enhance brand influence, while laying the foundation for becoming the listing enterprise.
    Long Hongxin stressed that, the company will strengthen the team building of regional sales after implementing the regional proxy manage model, focusing on the staff structure building, talent introducing, and the organization structure standarding. At the same time, Nucleon will train the employees of different branches in machinery technology and other knowledge of the products subsequently, to support the development of the regional proxy strongly. He also explained to the agents how to carry out the business under the new regional proxy mange model, and pointed out that headquarters will give the technical and policy support for the agents when they dealing with the major projects, give the full cooperation to the branches and make the service-company model established gradually. Long Hongxin said that the establishment of regional proxy manage model, will bring Nucleon and the agents much development and economic benefits, is a correct, win-win choice.

Liu Feng, general manager of the company signed with the regional proxies, issued authorization license

    Liu Feng, the general manager of the company signed with the agents of different branches, and issued a regional proxy authorization license. Vice president of the company Ma Xianming, clarified the regional proxy policy 2017. Vice president Cui Peng introduced the new products at the meeting.

    The conference was chaired by Chen Peng, Minister of Market Development department, Jin Qinghao, the deputy chief engineer of the Company, and other leaders attended the meeting.

Ma Xianming, vice president of the company clarified the regional proxy policy 2017

Cui Peng, vice president of the company introduced the new products at the meeting

Company leaders took photos with the regional agents from different branches