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Pubdate: 2017-10-26 15:15:37
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Nucleon Crane Co., Ltd aims to R&D the most advanced lifting equipment in the crane industry, takes light duty type crane as guidance and struggles for the pace of the age with international view. It improves and subverts traditional crane design concepts comprehensively and leads the development of crane industry.

Nucleon embodies unique sino-foreign joint venture enterprise management philosophy, owns advanced crane parametric design system and depends on its uniformed PDM/CAD/CAE tech design and management platform to achieve resource sharing and improve the unified management ability. On the basis of all these factors, Nucleon can respond to customers demand quickly, strengthen customer global resources integrating ability, acquire competitive advantage in the whole enterprise chain and ensure the transcendent quality of its products.

Nowadays, our workshop equips with U-type groove cold rolling forming unit, welding robot, double-spout gantry submerged-arc automatic welding machine, plasma cutting machine, full-function CNC lathe and the other large-scale advanced equipment to lay the solid foundation of fabricating high quality products. Relying on high quality, our main products are now widely used in the pillar industry such as metallurgy, electric power, petroleum and chemical, military industry, coal mining, aerospace, construction and railway. In addition to developing ourselves, we also promote the development of other industries. Besides, Nucleon can be seen every corners in the world such as Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on.
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