How to deal with the rail failure of the bridge crane wheel

Pubdate: 2017-12-08 11:25:31
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After the failure of the bridge Crane, it is necessary to check the condition of the gnawing rail and find out the reason of the gnawing and determine the solution.

First, the adjustment of crane cart track should be in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the track. The fastening situation of bolt should be checked semiyearly. The gnawing rail tends to occur on the track of a settled section, so it should be replaced in a timely manner when necessary. Second, in the respective drive, the use of conical active wheel group, wheel group placed on the inside of the large end.

Second, when driving separately, the large end face of the wheel group is placed on the inside. If the cart goes deviation, it may lead to the diameter of the backward side of the active wheel become small, and backward side become large, at the same speed, the backwardness of active wheel group go far, so that bridge is in the right way automatically. Reduce the error of the diameter of the driving wheel of the bridge crane, improve the hardness of the wheel surface and reduce the wear and tear of the tread. Check the wheel’s diameter frequently.

Third, we can use flame rectification or the method of prestressing to repair cart gnawing rail caused by bridge body deformation. The best way to correct this gnaw rail is adjust the position of the wheel, and decrease the errors of deformation of bridge span and reduced the size of the diagonal error.

Forth, adjust the driving mechanism of crane cart. In the transmission system of the operating mechanism, due to the error caused by the wear of the parts, the connection part of the system should be checked for maintenance. Check the gearbox and gear wear condition of the coupling. Then consider whether you can repair or replace the parts. When driving the cart running institutions respectively, due to the fault or brake motor, it can cause the body on both ends of the wheel can't start and stop at the same time and should eliminate the electrical failure, repair the motor or to adjust the brake.