enterprise culture

Pubdate: 2017-10-26 15:16:54
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Nucleon, the world’s leader of gantry crane equipment manufacturing industry, 10 years of quality accumulation and closely docking with the market. We always adhere to the forefront of the mechanical manufacturing philosophy and technology to create prosperity. In the face of various opportunities and challenges, we have maintained a high-speed growth, which depends on the scientific decision-making and the continuous precipitation, updated enterprise culture. We encourage freedom, diversity, creativity and sharing, strive to build a humane value system and set the highest standards of action, and take corporate values as a long-term commitment to employees, customers and society.
To creating advanced enterprises, to build international brands.
to lead the lifting, innovation. infinite future
Business philosophy         Service users, create demand, integrity long.
Management philosophy   Concept of strict management, regardless of high or low, strengthen the system, regardless of closeness.
The army style building team, discipline, vigorous.
Respect for the trust, people make the best, the survival of the fittest.
Chinese and foreign technology crystallization, to create the world brand.
Uses the space spirit to create quality, meticulous and continuous improvement.    Welcome to Contact us if there are any needs.