Common Failure Analysis of Wheel and Track of Crane

Pubdate: 2017-12-21 16:25:57
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The common faults of the wheel and track during the operation of the Crane are gnawing of wheels and unequal height and slippery of hoist. Among them, the causes of nibbling are various, and the form of nibbling is also diverse. The gnawing of track can affect the life of the crane, and even cause serious injury and casualty, so the special equipment management personnel should pay attention to this.

The main reason for the gnawing is that the installation is not in accordance with the requirement error, uneven friction and crane cart transmission system. The main reason for the gnawing is the installation does not meet the requirements of the error, uneven friction and cart wear is too large and the connect gap is too large that caused the braking is not synchronized. Therefore, the units of special equipment in the installation and maintenance of the crane must find a qualified unit to install and repair, so as to ensure the safety of equipment and operating life.

At the same time special equipment management staff should strength the usual inspection and management to avoid the crane gnawing track. Carefully find out the reasons for gnawing, and take appropriate measures. Unequal height of trolley wheel is very insecure factors in running. The main reason is that the installation error does not meet the requirements and the design of it is not uniform in weight, so the analysis of unequal height of hoist should be comprehensive, to solve the problem of unequal height. In the running process, due to the orbit is not clean, start too hard, trolley track uneven, oval wheel, and unequal wheel pressure of driving wheel that caused the slip of crane cart, this requires that special equipment management must be careful in the inspection process, found the problem and solve it in time, avoid slid from happening.