Can a harbor crane become a luxury hotel?

Pubdate: 2017-09-22 16:57:47
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    I believe that many of us will think that luxury resort hotels have gorgeous looks, luxurious decorations and top-level services. But if you see the harbor Crane hotel in Copenhagen, I believe you will change your perception of luxury resort hotels. The cost of the Krane Hotel--converted from a harbor crane in Copenhagen is up to $2,900 for just one night. The Krane has aroused many people's curiosity about harbor cranes. How much do you know about the harbor crane?

    As a bridge between land and sea, China and the world, port plays an irreplaceable role in the trade between other countries and China. At present, the port transportation of our country is mainly based on container. And the harbor crane, as the operation hub of the port is an indispensable part, whether it is for container unloading or cargo handling. 

    Nucleon harbor crane is a kind of lifting machinery which is specially designed for the handling of port cargo, container lifting and so on. Moreover, Nucleon harbor crane has the advantages of smooth transmission, high efficiency, easy operation and low failure rate, so it has been favored by many domestic and foreign manufacturers. Nucleon harbor crane can be divided into three types: gantry cranes, stationary cranes and marine cranes, while container cranes are the most common cranes in large coastal ports.

    Material handling is very important to the production and operation of enterprises and national economic development. As China's leading brand, Nucleon is also devoted to improving the efficiency of crane operation, thereby reducing the cost of material handling and doing their own strength to the development of enterprises and national economy.

    With the continuous progress of human society, environmental protection is becoming more and more important in both developed and developing countries. Environmentally friendly loading and unloading machinery is becoming more and more popular. Products with low energy consumption and low noise are the best choice for future ports. The Nucleon crane is also working towards that goal and wants to use its own technology to make contribution for China's port construction and economic development.