The use and classification of truck cranes

Pubdate: 2017-09-08 09:55:23
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A truck Crane is a special vehicle equipped with lifting equipment, which is specially used to accomplish lifting tasks. It is a kind of self-propelled hoisting machinery with the advantages of convenient manipulation, flexibility,etc. and widely used in the site or temporary lifting operations that are dispersed goods in narrow hoisting site, not suitable for installation, such as transportation, construction and mining.

The classification of truck cranes:

a. Classified by lifting quality

It can be divided into light, medium, heavy and super heavy type. The hoisting quality of light truck crane is below 5t; medium in 5~15t; heavy in 15~50t; super heavy over 50t .

b. Classified by the form of transmission devices

It can be divided into mechanical transmission, power transmission and hydraulic transmission. Hydraulic transmission truck crane is the most widely used one with the fastest development and  the most convenient use, especially with the improvement of the hydraulic technology and hydraulic components, the advantages of hydraulic truck crane are more prominent.

c. Classified by the range of rotation (or rotary range) of a lifting device in a vehicle's horizontal plane

It can be divided into two types: full rotary type and non full rotary type. The former turntable can rotate freely in 360°, the latter's turntable rotation angle is less than 270 °.