Maintenance notes to gantry crane

Pubdate: 2017-09-08 09:38:58
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Crane is the indispensable large machinery in the handling operation of outdoor freight yard and bulk cargo. And gantry crane is widely used in large freight yard for its characteristics of high utilization rate, wide application, strong universality, large quantity of work, etc.

As for such a large mechanical equipment, the maintenance work after using is also very fussy. nucleon company has summed up a set of complete gantry crane maintenance procedure according to its long-term product monitoring, product tracking service and customer feedback. 

1. Lubrication

For cranes, the performance and service life of the various structures depend largely on lubrication. In the lubrication, you shall refer to the specification of the machine itself. The walking cart and hoisting beam shall be injected lubricant once a week. The hoister shall use industrial gear oil (SY1172—80)200, and you shall check the fuel level regularly to decide whether to fill the oil or not.  

2. Wire rope

The wire rope is one of the most important mechanisms of the crane. The maintenance of the wire rope must be in time. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the wire rope is broken or not at all times. If it is found that the wire rope has broken wires, broken strands or severe wear, it must be replaced in time. Phosphating coating steel wire, galvanized steel wire or bright steel wire can be used.

3. pulley block

To inspect the pulley block, we should pay attention to the wear of the rope groove, whether the pulley edge is cracked or not, and whether the pulley is stuck on the shaft or not.

4. Wheel

The wheel edge and tread shall be checked regularly. If the wheel edge is worn too badly or cracked for 10% of the thickness, the wheel should be replaced in time.

5. Brake

It shall be inspected every day. The brake action shall be accurate and the pin shaft phenomenon should not occur. The brake shoe shall be attached to the brake wheel and the brake shoe clearance shall be equal to the brake release.