Introduction and use of electric hoist

Pubdate: 2017-09-08 10:09:09
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Electric hoist is a small lifting machine driven by electric power.It adds a trolley that can rise and deliver items along a straight line of the beam or a curved track.Therefore, electric calabash is often used as a supporting lifting device for single-beam bridge Crane, gantry crane and cantilever crane.

There are many kinds of electric calabash, it has the wire rope type electric hoist and the ring chain electric hoist.According to the speed of ascension, there are regular and slow points. According to the working environment, there are several types of general, heavy, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion.

Since the electric hoist is light and mobile, it can be used in the construction site, equipment overhaul and other places.

The lifting height of the chain electric hoist is low, and it is applied to low plant or outdoor environment.The most widely used one is CD - type constant speed wire rope electric hoist and MD type slow wire rope electric hoist.There is only one speed for the CD type electric hoist; MD has slow and constant speed. When it works at slow speed (or micro-speed), it can meet the requirements of installation, positioning and other fine work.So it's more widely used.The NH type electric calabash has broken the design thinking of traditional CD gourd for many years.With the theme of modular design scheme, the lifting mechanism adopts the planetary gear transmission speed to make the structure compact and lightweight, and the installation of the device can effectively reduce the dimensions of electric calabash in the drum.The shell adopts square box structure to change the appearance of the gourd, so that the product can be used in a variety of installation forms. As a whole, we have improved the performance of our products and fully considered the price of products that are more affordable and superior to our customers.