Classification of different types of tower cranes

Pubdate: 2017-09-08 10:07:10
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tower cranes can be classified into different types according to different standards. The following is its classification.

(1) According to the type of structure

a. Fixed tower Crane. A tower crane which fixes the tower based on the base foundation or structure by connecting parts to carry out lifting operations.

b. Mobile tower crane. A tower crane that can walk with a running device. According to different operating devices, it can be divided into orbital type, tire type and track type.

(2) According to the rotary type

a. Upper rotary tower crane. The rotary bearing settings are in the upper part of the tower crane. It can be divided into tower cap rotary type, tower top rotary type, upper rotary platform type, rotary column type, etc.

b. Rotary tower crane. The rotary bearing settings are in the bottom of the tower crane. And it rotates relative to the base of a frame.

(3) According to erecting method

a. Non self-erecting tower crane. To assemble and erect the whole machine relying on other lifting equipments.

b. Self-erecting tower crane. The tower crane achieves the state of transformation and work relying on its own power plant and mechanism.

(4) According to luffing mode

a. Trolley luffing tower crane. The hoisting trolley finishes the luffing process  running along the cargo boom.

b. Luffing jib tower crane. The cantilever finishes the luffing process by pitching movement.

c. Folding jib tower crane. The cantilever can fold according to the need of lifting operation. Meanwhile, it can simultaneously have the performance of trolley luffing and luffing jib.