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Corporate Policy


- Seriously listening to the voice of customers,
- Carrying out planning for the early-stage quality,
- Manufacturing products of high quality and a reasonable price,
- Maintaining the resources that the products support,
- Providing rapid and thoughtful services,
- Fulfilling the promise to keep on improvement.

- Complying with laws and regulations to realize energy-saving and cost-reducing,
- Preventing and controlling pollution to improve the environment management system,
- Creating a green enterprise image and setting up a normative image.

Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines
- Adhering to the principle of “Safety-first and prevention-oriented” and consciously abiding by the safety operation procedures,
- Actively publicizing and implementing the safety production policies, laws, regulations and standards,
- Establishing, implementing and improving the safety production liability systems at various levels,
- Strengthening safety management, improving and maintaining secure environment and eliminating potential safety hazards.

- Enhancing profitability,
- Improving quality level,
- Promoting informatization construction in an all-round way,
- Establishing performance culture.
- Giving full play of the synergistic effect

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