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Welding & Auto Welding
澳门新葡萄京网址 A Weld that looks good in appearance may not meet all the requirements on the inside.

       Well-Tech assurance to our customer that every weld meets all requirements has being achieved through a number of different channels.
       We are American Welding Standards (AWS) and European Standards (EN-15085 CL 1) certified. Our strong welding team consists of Welding Supervisors, International Welding Engineers, Inspectors and Technologist with over 100 International Welders running on over 1000 welder qualification certificates.
       Our certifications cover the following materials: aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel from sheet metal gauges to thick plate gauge and welding methods; MIG / MAG, TIG, stud, electricity resistance and nut welding.
        We have customized automatic welding stations and standard robotic welding station to complement the different requirements of our customer products.We also have complemented the hard with a soft set of Training and Rating system for our welder in our Well-Tech Welding School. Each trainee has a vigorous training program and are subject to tests by their instructors to ensure that they understand the differences in what makes a good weld.